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The homecoming

I’m a fan of timelines. There is always an event that we reference things from – whether that be a graduation, the forming of a new relationship, a breakup, a trip or a return. Music has always been that accompaniment to these kinds of things. How a song reminds us of that summer, or how that album reminds us of this person, or that moment. It’s awesome, it’s beautiful, and its a gift from God. I think thats what we’re in the business of. Making moments, making music, making soundtracks – for friends, for ourselves, but mostly for you.

It’s been almost 7 years since we wrote the first song as “The Homecoming.” I made a song to set as my Myspace song and it just kept going. Friends joined, we wrote more songs, realized those songs were bad and wrote more songs. We have been able to meet some rad people and it’s been such an awesome avenue to build relationships and we never want to stop. As we get a little older and relationships become rich, jobs get more necessary and we grow in the Grace of God, it makes our desire for creating music more enjoyable than it ever has been. Songs mean more, people mean more and our heart for the band has grown into more of a passion for the experience we share with you.

We are constantly excited finding a new song ideas and capturing sounds that we can’t wait to share with you. We’re having so much fun working on new stuff and I really think you guys are gonna dig it.


-Aidan and co.


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still alive.

We’re still alive. Songs are being made, songs are being recorded. soon.





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